Drupal Powers Social Publishing - Acquia Makes Drupal Easy

Acquia provides commercial support for the open source Drupal social publishing system. Acquia Drupal is a refined collection of the best software from the Drupal project. The Acquia Network completes the Drupal experience by providing essential support and network services for efficiently building and operating a Drupal website.

Acquia Drupal

Acquia Drupal is a commercially supported distribution of the open source Drupal social publishing system. A packaged collection of the best software from the Drupal community, Acquia Drupal offers you an advanced starting point to quickly begin building Drupal websites.

Acquia Drupal simplifies the development of social publishing applications - interactive, community-based publishing websites that combine both editorial and user-generated content. Whether building a public facing website or an intranet application, the goal is to engage visitors and encourage participation. Acquia Drupal supports the proven collaboration patterns that transform spectators into active contributors, including:

  • Blogs: a person or multiple people publishing personal observations on a regular basis
  • Forums: a structured group discussion about an idea or document
  • Social Networks: people publishing profiles and interacting within a networked group
  • Wikis: several people jointly editing a document or group of documents
  • Articles: a writer and editor moving an article or story through an approval chain
  • Mashups: custom content types with many elements, such as maps or photos, published together
  • Web Content: distributed content creation and publishing for traditional websites
  • and much more…

Acquia Drupal is licensed under the same GPL-licensed as Drupal core and is freely available for download and use. Acquia Drupal includes Drupal 6.x core modules, Drupal community contributed modules, and Acquia Network modules.

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