Apple mail

License:  Included in Mac bundle

Setting up and creating a new account

User Information:

Your name:  Name Surname
Email address:

Server Information:

Incoming (POP3) mail server: (port 110)
Outgoing (SMTP) server: (port 587)
Account name:
mailbox password

(please repleace '' with the name of your registered domain with eConsultant)


Guidelines for email account setup:

1. Launch Apple Mail

2. From the toolbar at the top, select File and then Add Account

Step 1
3. Enter your name (which will appear the “From” field in your emails), email address and password, then click Continue
Step 3
4. Ensure that the incoming server type is selected as POP, then complete the incoming server name ( The Description field (e.g. Work email or Home email) is optional. Click Continue.
5. Apple Mail will now test the connection to the specified mail server. Once this is complete, click Continue.
Step 5
6. If the Incoming Mail Security screen appears, ignore this and click Continue.
7. Enter the outgoing mail server i.e. and ensure that the Use Authentication checkbox is ticked and click Continue
8. Enter your POP username and password (if these fields are not automatically populated) then click Continue
Step 8
9. View the account summary and click Create. Ticking the Take my account online checkbox will ensure that your account is activated immediately.
Step 9
Does this still not solve your problem? Read the Troubleshooting Guide

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