Create a new Event




  • Login to your website by either clicking the Login Button, filling in the login form on  the side bar or typing http://yourdomain/user into the address bar of your browser. This depends on how your website has been setup.
  • Click on Create Content
  • Depending on how your website is setup you will have different options. You can either create a Blog entry, Book Page, Event, Group, Image, Page, Newsletter. For purposes of this tutorial we are going to create an Event.
  • Click on Event
  • Using the date fields determine the start and end dates for your event
  • Under Title give your event a title.
  • In the Body section you can give extra information about the event ie cover charge or directions.
  • You don’t need to add other settings
  • Click Submit
  • To view the events that you have added on the calendar
  • Click on the linked calendar date on the event calendar

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