Create a Newsletter











  • Login to your website by either clicking the Login Button, filling in the login form on  the side bar or typing http://yourdomain/user into the address bar of your browser. This depends on how your website has been setup.
  • Click on Create Content
  • Depending on how your website is setup you will have different options. You can either create a Blog entry, Book Page, Event, Group, Image, Page, Newsletter. For purposes of this tutorial we are going to create a Newsletter.
  • Click on Newsletter issue
  • Give your Newsletter a title.
  • Under  the Newsletter drop down select the newsletter group.
  • In the body section create the content of your newsletter.
  • Under Input format select Full HTML
  • Under Format select whether you would like to send a plain text email or an HTML newsletter. Plain text will not display images.
  • You can set the priority of the email and request a receipt when your newsletter is read.
  • Under sending you can postpone sending the newsletter, send a test and send the newsletter straight away.
  • Comments is set to Disabled by Default - you can leave it  like that.
  • File attachments - if you would like to add a pdf document to download, you would browse and attached it here.
  • URL path setting - Automatic Alias is checked by default - you can leave this like that.
  • You can leave the authoring information as the default settings.
  • Publishing Options - by default the published box is checked. If you would like the page promoted to the home page you would check this box too.
  • You can then preview your page and submit it!

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