Entourage Email Setup

Setting up and creating a new account

User Information:

Your name:  Name Surname
Email address: 

Server Information:

Incoming (POP) mail server:  pop.your-domain.com (port 110)
Outgoing (SMTP) server: 
smtp.your-domain.com (port 587)  

SMTP Authentication: On (same Username as POP)
Account name:  user@your-domain.com
mailbox password

(please repleace 'your-domain.com' with the name of your registered domain with eConsultant)

Setting up a new account for Entourage:

Add a new email account

1. Launch Entourage

2. On the toolbar at the top of the page, select Tools and then Accounts

Create new account

3. Click the New icon (top left) and then select Mail

Set up a mail account 

4. The Account Setup Assistant window will appear

5. Click the Configure account manually button

Edit Account 
6. The Edit Account screen window will appear

7. Enter your Account name: e.g. Home email

8. Enter Name: Name Surname

9. Enter Email address: you@your-domain.com

10. Enter Account ID: you@your-domain.com (your email address)

11. Enter POP server: pop.your-domain.com

12. Enter Password: as specified when mailbox was created in konsoleH

13. Enter SMTP server: smtp.your-domain.com

14. It is optional to check the Save password in my Mac OS keychain box; if you don’t check this box, Entourage will ask you for your password each time you send or receive email.

15. Click on Click here for advanced sending options button

Advanced sending options
16. Ensure that the Override default SMTP port checkbox is ticked

17. Change the Override default SMTP port number to 587

18. Ensure that the SMTP server requires authentication checkbox is ticked

19. Close the setup windows

20. Click on the small square in the top-left corner of the Advanced Sending Options window to close it; then click OK to close the main Edit Account window.

21. Entourage should be set up to send and receive mail.  

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