KonsoleH: mailboxes and email aliases

Specific mailboxes and aliases can be created via konsoleH. Herewith steps to set-up new mailboxes and email aliases:

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  1. Browse to http://mail.your-domain.com (do not use www)
2. Select the "Control Panel" Option

3. Log in with your domain name and Management password.

For your password please see the email received from Accounts@econsultant.co.za with subject: "Account details"

  4. Select the 'Mail' tool under the 'Hosting Services' menu option in the bottom left hand corner op the page.
  5. Select 'Manage accounts'
  6. The main window will display all the active email accounts already in use for your domain
  7. Select 'New Mailbox' to create a pop mail account or 'New Mail Alias' to create an email alias

8. Complete information requested

(Only "Username" and "password" fields are required)

  9. Click on 'Add'

Email addresses that have not been specified will continue to be forwarded to your default mailbox (webmaster@your-domain.com).

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