Nokia mobile phone email settings

eConsultant’s email service is compatible with the latest mobile devices and as such can be easily configured on your Symbian S60 based Nokia. Menu options for Nokia handsets may differ. This installation Guide is specific to the Nokia Navigator.
What is Symbian OS?
Symbian OS is an operating system for mobile devices. Nokia currently makes use of this operating system on the majority of their internet-enabled mobile phones. 
When configuring your eConsultant email account your server settings should be as follows:
• Incoming mail server: ( will be replaced with your registered domain name).
• Outgoing mail server: will be replaced with your registered domain name)
• Your email account’s user name is your complete email address (
• Your email password is the password you assigned to the account when you initially created it in konsoleH. Click here for more information.

 The following steps will guide you through the process of setting up your email account on your Symbian-based Nokia phone:

  Go to ‘Messaging’ -> ‘Options’ ->   
‘Settings’ -> ‘Email’ -> ‘Mailboxes’.
• Select ‘Options’ -> ‘New mailbox’ 
-> ‘Start’

• Select ‘POP3’

-> ‘Next’ 

  •  Enter your email address (
-> ‘Next’




  • Enter your incoming mail  server (
-> ‘Next’


  • Enter your outgoing mail server (
-> ‘Next’


  •  Select your connection type (Contact your network service provider if you are unsure)


  • Enter your mailbox name (e.g. “My inbox”, “John’s mailbox”, etc.)

    ->‘Next’ -> ‘OK’



  • Select your newly created mailbox and select the ‘Options’ menu


  • Select ‘Open’ ->‘Connection   

    Settings’ -> ‘Incoming email’



  • Enter your email account’s user name and password -> ‘Back’


  • Select ‘Outgoing email’ and enter your email account’s user name and password -> ’Back’


  • Scroll down and change the ‘Port’  setting from ‘default’ to 587
  • Click ‘back’ until you have exited all of the email account setup screens.



You will now be able to send and receive email from your eConsultant account!


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