Reset Email Password

Step 1:

On your browser, go to: (do not use www)
When the page opens click on  "Control Panel"
Log in with your domain name and ftp password - You will find this in your "Account details " email sent to you from our accounts department.

Step 2:

Select the 'Mail' tab from the menu in the bottom left hand corner op the page.

Step 3:

Select 'Manage accounts'
The main window will display all the active email accounts already in use for your domain

Step 4:

Select the email account that you want to choose a new password for and click on the "edit" button next to it.
You can now create a new password for this email account and confirm this password in the next line.
All passwords should be alphanumerical and be at least 8 characters long.
To protect yourself against abuse, spamming and hacking please ensure that you choose a secure password for all your email accounts.
Click on 'UPDATE'
Your email password has now been updated.
If your email account has been set up on your mail client it will ask you to enter your new password the next time you open that application.

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