Email Client Setup

You are able to retrieve your e-mail with a mail-client/program of your choice via POP3/SMTP.

Email configuration set-up instructions differ between programs. However, all share the basic configuration settings:

Incoming (POP3) Server:
Outgoing (SMTP) Server:
Incoming (POP3) Port: 110
Password: Your email account's password

Instructions for commonly used mail programs are provided below. If your mail program is not listed here, please email or consult your program's documentation.

Important Hints:

  • It is possible to use eConsultant's mailservers to send your outgoing email. eConsultant uses 'SMTP Authentication' to identify legitimate clients and allows them to send mail. If you cannot or do not wish to use your dial-up ISP's mailservers to send email, you may use (where '' is the name of your registered domain with eConsultant). The same username and password used to retrieve your mail from the mailserver associated with your domain at eConsultant, will apply for outgoing mail authentication.
  • A 'catch-all' email account (with the account name '') is automatically created when an account is activated, and collects all messages addressed to your domain.
  • Specific mailboxes and aliases may be set-up via the control panel (konsoleH) for your account.
  • Email addresses that have not been specified manually via the control panel continue to be forwarded to your default mailbox (
  • Some E-Mail programs can check other types of E-Mail boxes as well as POP3. If your program asks you which type of E-Mail box you are using, select the option for POP3 E-Mail. POP3 E-Mail is already the default for most programs.
  • Please ensure that your POP3 mailbox is downloaded regularly. Allthough eConsultant provides generous disk space for the accumulation of mail messages, a mailbox can clog if left unattended for an extended period of time. Please note that in terms of our Resource Usage policies that you may not accumulate more than 2000 mail messages in a single pop mailbox. If the message count is exceeded, new messages will bounce to the original sender.


Select your email client below for step by step guides on setup


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Outlook 2007
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Apple Mail
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