Website: Mozilla Thunderbird
Licence: Freeware


Sample Configuration parameters:


User Information:
Your Name: Name Surname
E-mail Address:


Server Information:
Incoming (POP3) Mail Server:
Outgoing (SMTP) Server:
Account Name:
Password: Mailbox Password


("" refers to the name of your registered domain with eConsultant)

    Guidelines for New Email Account set-up:


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      1. Launch Thunderbird
      2. Select 'Tools' from the top menu bar
      3. Select 'Account Settings'
    4. Select 'Add Account'

    5. On the pop-up, check 'E-mail account', and select 'Next'

      6. Enter your name in the first box and your e-mail address in the next box. Then click on 'Next'
      7. Select 'POP' and enter '' as your 'Incoming Server' then select 'Next
      8. Fill out all the required fields next, at the end select 'Finish'
      9. Your Thunderbird mail program should now be set up to send and receive mail


    Setup your Server Settings


      1. Open Thunderbird and click on "Tools"
      2. Scroll down to "Account Settings" and select it.
    eco1 3.In the pop-up window select "Server Settings"
    eco2 4.Make sure your server name and user name is filled out correctly


    Setup your SMTP Settings


      1. Launch Thunderbird and select "Tools" .
      2. Scroll down to "Account Settings" and click on it.
    eco3 3. In the pop-up window select "Outgoing Server"
      4. Select "Edit"
    eco4 5. In the pop-up window make sure everything is filled out correctly, see images as guide lines.
    6. Click on "OK" to save your settings.


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